Develop the Jabaco Framework

This page is about how to join the development of the Jabaco Framework.



What you need:

  • Google Account
  • Subversion Client
  • Apache Ant

Google Account

You need this, because the sourcecode for the Jabaco Framework is hosted at Google Code. So go to the site and create your account. You will see a page like in the following picture. The user name is your email address.

Subversion Client

Subversion is a version control and managing tool. This is needed because many developers want to work on the Jabaco Framework. You only need a client of the software. Examples for Subversion clients are SlikSVN or TurtoiseSVN. Here we will explain TurtoiseSVN, it is easy to use because it uses the explorer context-menu (right mouse button). Load TurtoiseSVN from the site: link TurtoiseSVN and install the software. Make a special directory for the Framework checkout-folder.

Right click the folder in the windows-explorer and select the menu item "SVN checkout" the checkout-dialog will appear where you have to input the URL of the repository, it is:

Now you will be asked to input username and password. Your username ist the username of your Google account, normally this is your email adress.

The password you will get by creating it from Google. Go to the site

Now updating the repository will copy all sourcecodes to your harddisk

Apache Ant

An ant is a small animal that is very busy and works all the time, just like the indian Apache Ant does. You need this, to perform several tasks one after the other. Ant waits for every task and starts the next one until it is finished. For the Jabaco-Framework the main tasks are:

  • compile the Java part (VBA) of the Framework
  • compile the Jabaco part (VB) of the Framework
  • compile them togehter into one Jabaco.jar-file
  • create documentation with javadoc
  • load the file Jabaco.jar up to the server

To install Ant, go to the download page of Apache Ant: [1] download it and unpack the archive into a directory of your choice. There is no explicit install routine needed.

  • You must add the enviroment variable ANT_HOME in your windows system. To do this go to control panel and start "System"->"Advanced"->"Environment variables"->"User Variables" click the new-button to create a new item, its value is the path to the ant-directory e.g. "C:\program files\apache-ant-1.7.1".
  • Ant needs to find the tools.jar and the build-script needs to find javadoc.exe, so it could be helpful to set another user variable: JAVA_HOME that points to the path of your jdk.
  • Last but not least you have to add the bin-folder e.g. "C:\program files\apache-ant-1.7.1\bin" to the path-variable.

Now you are ready to develop the Jabaco framework. In order your changes to take effect, just start cmd.exe and run the batchfile build.bat, that starts ant with build.xml

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