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Tuesday, April 26th 2016, 7:28pm

Author: rucksacktraeger

RIP Jabaco

I use Jabaco from time to time. I'd love to make it my primary IDE. But Jabaco is dead. It's Manuels decision, but I really don't understand why he doesn't make it open source if he doesn't have the time to work on that project. So you'd better switch to b4j. Who knows when you can't use it any longer because of some Java restrictions (see JRE 8 problem her ein the forum) A couple of weeks ago I searched the forum for help and I realized that there is a PHP Bug so that many forum entries are no ...

Monday, January 18th 2016, 2:23pm

Author: rucksacktraeger

J8 is not working?!?!

Wait, Jabaco is not working with J8? Oh shit... Does it mean that you can not longer code with a machine with J8 or does it means that Jabaco apps do not longer work when Java 8 is installed?

Tuesday, April 8th 2014, 11:48am

Author: rucksacktraeger

Some (minor) bugs - or at least differences to the IDE of VB6

Dear Manuel, here are some bugs, annoying missing features or at least differences to the IDE of VB6 which I recognised when I switched from VB6 to Jabaco. I have noted them while working with Jabaco in a textfile in German. Because you are a German as well, I leave it in German. 1. '.Show()' in Module1 suggeriert, 'Public Sub main' würde vor Initialisierung des form gestartet. Das stimmt nicht. 'Public Sub Form_Load()' wird VOR 'Public Sub main' aufgerufen. Darum kann man das '.Show() weglassen...

Wednesday, April 2nd 2014, 10:47pm

Author: rucksacktraeger

listbox - bestimmter Eintrag

Hallo, habe eben eine Listbox eingebaut und soweit alles gut: ' List1.AddItem("Test " & Now) ' MsgBox List1.ListCount ' List1.Parent.setSelectedIndex(1) ' MsgBox List1.Parent.getSelectedIndex ' List1.Parent.getSelectedValue ' List1.RemoveItem(List1.ListIndex) ' List1.Clear Aber was ich nicht hinbekomme ist das auslesen eines bestimmten Eintrages a la MsgBox List1.Item(1).Value Wo werde ich fündig? hab hier schon alles abgesucht und bei Googe Swing component etc. Das kann doch nicht sein!? LG, Pe...

Monday, March 24th 2014, 6:38pm

Author: rucksacktraeger

Suitability of Jabaco for Mobile Development

basic4android is great, but also not multiplatttform. But basic4android as a sub-product called B4J which is free and for writing Java Apps on 'Computers'. Have a look at There you can code in VB Syntax and the output is html5/javascript webapps. They run on every mobile device and you have access to acclerater, gps, camera, etc. If you want to sell your app on iOS AppStore or GooglePlay you can wrap it to an native app using PhoneGap. NSBasic is not free, but you can test it and wri...

Monday, March 24th 2014, 6:09pm

Author: rucksacktraeger

Set a Listener event on audio file

Hey, I improved the code from here to let my program play mp3 files. That worked great with JLayer. But I spend the whole afternoon to implement pause/resume. I am prette sure the I found here the solution : AdvancedPlayer player = new AdvancedPlayer(fis); player.setPlayBackListener(new PlaybackListener() { @Override public void playbackFinished(PlaybackEvent event) { pausedOnFrame = event.getFrame(); } }); But I failed to bring the Listener to jabaco. here is what I have: Jabaco Source 1 2 3 4 ...

Monday, March 24th 2014, 5:56pm

Author: rucksacktraeger

are people actually using this?

I just started to use Jabaco (again) because it gives me as an VB6 programmer the possibility to write programms for Linux/Mac. The IDE has not been updated. But the Framework gets updated regulary. And that's most important!

Saturday, March 22nd 2014, 2:27pm

Author: rucksacktraeger

How to set my language in order to read?

Great! works like a charm and looks good. I have tested it with all objects. Now Jabaco is Unicode-Ready. Whole China is welcome to code in jabaco :-)

Friday, March 21st 2014, 10:56am

Author: rucksacktraeger

I got it

hey Dani, danke für den Tipp. eigentlich hatte ich das schon so mal ausprobiert, aber es hatte nicht funktioniert. Trotzdem habe ich es gerade nochmal probiert weil du das so vorgeschlagen hast. Dabei habe ich mir die Fehlermeldung genauer angesehen: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Can't load library: C:\Users\pete_000\AppData\Local\Temp\Jabaco154225890\chilkat.dll Darum schreibst du ja auch "vorausgesetzt: a) Du kompilierst zu einem .jar file" Was ist das Fazit der Geschichte: Wer lesen kann is...

Thursday, March 20th 2014, 11:07am

Author: rucksacktraeger

externe dll einbinden

@Dani: So wie ich das sehe, werden in deinem link nur ActiveX dll verwendet die vorher nach c:\windows\... etc kopiert werden müssen. Genau das will ich ja vermeiden. @theuserbl Danke für den link. Der hat mich zu der, wie ich denke, Lösung gebracht die hier beschrieben wird. Da werden dlls ins jar eingefügt und dann zur Laufzeit in einen temporären Ordner geparkt. Allerdings reichen dafür meine java kenntnisse nicht aus um das nach VB zu portieren.

Thursday, March 20th 2014, 10:24am

Author: rucksacktraeger

How to set my language in order to read?

hey guys @Dani: Sorry for wasting your time. You are right. Frame supports font. Maybe I was drunk when I wrote the post ;-) @theuserbl: Quoted For that exists this forum. If you have had asked in 2010 there would also more people who could answer. Yes, I am sorry. I really don't understand why I didn't ask back then. Maybe I was thinking: This is a great project with a great future (unendless possibilities because of Java libaries but easy coding as in VB6/VBA). It was in Beta State so I guess ...

Wednesday, March 19th 2014, 6:41pm

Author: rucksacktraeger

Thank you so much!

When I tested Jabaco back in 2010 I gave up frustrated because of this unicode bug. Yesterday I gave Jabaco a new chance (because of a non-unicode-Project) and now I just saw that you just corrected the bug! Wow, that's wonderful!!! But I found some things: - Frame does not offer to set the font in the properties - Picture1.Print("test") is not working at all (either khmer nor english) - Label has no antialiasing BUT... How to change the font of the msgbox and the inputbox? The msgbox displays t...

Wednesday, March 19th 2014, 1:13pm

Author: rucksacktraeger

teilweise geklärt

Hab nochmal lange ausprobiert und bin zu dem Ergebnis gekommen, dass es funzt wenn ich system.load eintrage: Public Sub Form_Load() Select Case GetOS Case "win" System.load("D:\java\extlib32\chilkat\chilkat.dll") Case "unix" System.load("/home/test/chilkat/") Case "mac" System.load("/Users/admin/chilkat/libchilkat.jnilib") Case Else MsgBox "Your OS is not supported!",vbCritical Call End End Select End Sub So klappt es jedenfalls unter Windows und Linux (MacOS habe ich nciht getestet...

Tuesday, March 18th 2014, 4:46pm

Author: rucksacktraeger

externe dll einbinden

Hallo, ich möchte in meinem Projekt eine externe dll (Chilkat) einbinden. Hier ist die Installationsanleitung für Java unter Windows. Dank dieser Anleitung habe ich es geschafft, eine externe *.jar einzubinden. (Übringes... Sprict man hierbei von einer Klasse, einer Bibliothek, einer externen Java API oder wie nennt sich das dann?) Aber zu der chilkat.jar die ich einbinden möchte, gehört noch eine chilkat.dll. Mit regsvr32 kann ich sie jedenfalls nicht registrieren. Wie kann ich sie in Jabaco ei...

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