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Wednesday, August 5th 2009, 9:05am

Author: galih

Which Java IDE do you use?

NetBeans 6.7 RC 3 jdk1.6.0_02 Thanx.

Friday, July 10th 2009, 3:12am

Author: galih

Hi from Indonesia

Hi OlimilO, thanks for the warm greeting Nice to meet you here

Thursday, July 9th 2009, 3:54am

Author: galih

RELEASE: Jabaco 1.4.2 BETA - 2009-06-21

Thanx for the release. I'm just trying now.

Thursday, July 9th 2009, 3:53am

Author: galih

Hi from Indonesia

Hi everybody, Jabaco is a great new adventure , tool, and experiment for me. i'll try stay tune on this one. Thanx for your hardwork.

Thursday, July 9th 2009, 3:47am

Author: galih

Programming language

I know C and Pascal since my first year at college. And then i move to VB6 for GUI programming. Now, i learn Java and C++, and PHP (just a little.) Thanx.

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