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Monday, December 22nd 2008, 5:46pm

Author: Diegoba


I just tried creating a new project from the "Web Applet" template. A very simple project that copies the text from a text box and puts it in a label. Jabaco created an HTML and a JAR file, and by opening the HTML, I got a fully functional "Web form". There doesn't seem to be a need for a specific tutorial on creating web apps. If you need any help on creating a basic application (like if you never used V.Basic) I'll be more than happy to help

Monday, December 22nd 2008, 2:47am

Author: Diegoba


I discovered Jabaco today, after failing to re-install VB6 in XP (haven't used it for years), and I really like what I've seen so far. Right now, I'm trying to use the Loadpicture function, but can't seem to find the right way. I've tried with: picture1.picture = Loadpicture ("bg.jpg") The bg.jpg file is in the same folder than the project is saved. picture1.picture = Loadpicture (pantalla) pantalla is a variable with the path to a jpg file. picture1.picture = Loadpicture BgJpg Using the "autoco...

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