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Saturday, August 8th 2009, 1:25pm

RELEASE: Jabaco 1.5.0 BETA - 2009-08-08

Jabaco - the BASIC programming language for the Java Virtual Machine.

  • Projectname in the Jabaco-title
  • Added Unicode-support for the IDE
  • IDE-UI improvements
  • Suspend the JVM
  • Command-line arguments for the IDE
  • Case correction
  • Autoupdate latest Framework-Snapshot
  • Method-Navigator (Editor-Contextmenu)
  • Remote-Debugger
  • Bugfix: Splash-Screen
  • Bugfix: Throw Exception (proof class-type)
  • Bugfix: ForEach iterator not found
  • Bugfix: "Add folder"-crash
  • Bugfix: Re-enter method on redefine
  • Bugfix: Include namespace into implement-autocompletion
  • Bugfix: Write into the temp-directory / "unknown class"-bug
  • Bugfix: Cleanup the temp-directory on ide-close
  • Bugfix: Close project in association with save project
  • Bugfix: Blocked backslash
  • Bugfix: Debugger (smaller problems)
  • Bugfix: VB6-Converter (smaller problems)
  • Bugfix: Redim array(var).array(...)
  • Bugfix: Optional Enum
  • Bugfix: Nested ForEach
  • Bugfix: Control-array LBound
  • Bugfix: Field-Access-Exception in the applet
  • Bugfix: Remove LineTable on Compile=Bytecode

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Sunday, August 9th 2009, 12:35am

Indeed good progress, Keep it up! :thumbup:


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