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Wednesday, July 27th 2016, 2:37pm

Click() or DblClick() event not fired on some controls

Hey there,

There are bugs concerning MouseEvents in the Jabaco framework:
Some controls that allow scrolling to an invisible area (it is going to be visible once you scroll there obviously) do not fire the Click() or DblClick() event within this range!

Therefore in all these controls of the Jabaco framework all occurances of:

If (e.getX > 0 And e.getY > 0 And e.getX < Me.getWidth And e.getY < Me.getHeight) Then

must be replaced with:

If (e.getX > 0 And e.getY > 0 And e.getX < Me.Parent.getBounds.getWidth() And e.getY < Me.Parent.getBounds.getHeight()) Then


see also: [VERSION 1.5.2] JBGrid Click event

PS: I miss the old textediting features here!?

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