6 Visual Basic for the Java Virtual Machine

Information page for Visual Basic 6 developer. Would you like to compile your existing Visual Basic Source to any platform? Would you like to use modern concepts like OOP in a familar development environment? Jabaco is your solution! Convert your existing Visual Basic 6 source to Jabaco and use this modern development environment. The Visual Basic (VB6) features are only a subset of the Open Source (BSD) Jabaco Framework. Improve your software with the power of Java and the simplicity of Visual Basic 6. Visit the webcast and learn how to convert existing Visual Basic 6 projects into platform independent Jabaco projects. Visit the Jabaco Community and learn more about this great project.

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6 Visual Basic to Jabaco conversion:

Visual Basic 6 to Jabaco
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6 Visual Basic

6 Visual Basic. Jabaco is a simple programming language with a Visual Basic like syntax.
Jabaco enables you to create powerful software for all Java supported operating systems.
Jabaco - the BASIC Dialect for the Java Virtual Machine