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Tuesday, May 24th 2011, 12:11am

Author: ProEventDriven

Very open indeed, now for the IDE..

That's brilliant, I have not seen an open source project that is that open, well managed and documented. I'm sure the compilation glitch is being resolved. Reassurance has been duly received! Like I said above, I think what you are doing is very important. It should become a very pivotal future tool. Let's hope the IDE catches up and gets back in the swim soon!

Sunday, May 22nd 2011, 4:25pm

Author: ProEventDriven


The Open Source of the framework is good news, but I can't find downloads (although I can see the changes log). This is crucial to instil confidence for VB6 professionals stranded by "the great treason of Redmond" (quoting ). Being a strandee, I can't invest time in this great project only to find it stagnates or changes. I don't mind paying say $100 for access to source as long as it IS open (and I know it compiles). The IDE source is important too, but ...

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