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Wednesday, July 11th 2012, 9:17am

Author: Prokli

Dalvik Virtual Machine

You are right! Android require all apps to run above its Dalvik Virtual Machine (DVM). An application must first be compiled to bytecode, before the DVM will compile it into a Dalvik Executable (.dex) that the DVM can run. Unfortunately, I am neither a Java programmer nor do I have much knowledge about DVM.

Tuesday, July 10th 2012, 6:31pm

Author: Prokli

Android is diffrenet to Windows

Hi! Quite a long time ago, when U asked this question! Android is a OS which is quite different to windows (and even to Java programs running on WIn). I am quite sure that U can't run Jabaco programs on Android. If you like to program VB on Android, see: It's an excellent, easy to use and lowcost tool Cheers, Harald

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