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Saturday, February 23rd 2013, 12:50pm

Winsock Control Doesnt Connect When Run in Browser...

Hi Everyone,

Im trying to create an applet with Jabaco which uses Winsock control. The applet runs fine in code environment but when I compile it as a project and run the HTML file Winsock control doesnot connect to the webservice. What could be the cause for that? Any restrictions by browser maybe?

Thanks in advance,


Dim stConn As String

Public Sub Command1_Click()

Dim stParam As String
stConn="POST /d/quotes.csv HTTP/1.0" & vbCrLf
stConn=stConn & "Host:" & vbCrLf
stConn=stConn & "Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" & vbCrLf
stConn=stConn & "Content-Length: " & Len(stParam) & vbCrLf & vbCrLf
stConn=stConn & stParam
MsgBox wsc.State

Applet1.wsc.Connect "",80

'wsc.Connect ",msft,tivo

End Sub

Public Sub wsc_Connect()

applet1.wsc.SendData stconn
End Sub

Public Sub wsc_DataArrival(bytesTotal As Long)
'Debug.Print Applet1.wsc.GetData
MsgBox Applet1.wsc.GetData
End Sub

Public Sub Applet_Initialize()

End Sub

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