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Wednesday, June 24th 2009, 11:44pm

Web Services


I'm just getting started with Jabaco and really like it so far.

I was wondering how to go about making a SOAP web services call in Jabaco.
I have a web service I currently access via a .Net application, but I'd like to access it with my Jabaco program instead I just don't really know where to start.

Any assistance here, would be appreciated.





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Thursday, June 25th 2009, 12:56pm

Jabaco has no built-in web service features. You'd have to select a java web service framework as discussed here.

If you are just talking about a simple web service, it might be sufficient to use libraries like Apache Commons to execute the http/https request and extract the result data via home grown logic. For multiple and highly complex web services, you should consider some more adavanced library to actually parse and "un-marshal" the resulting XML answers you get back from the web service provider. Again, you could accomplish this by your own means using some XML parser and your own code to extract the results.

Take special care about error handling. The web service provider might be offline. So your implementation should have a timeout mechanism.

Another attention point is regarding authentication. Some web service providers are using fairly tricky mechanisms to prevent non-authorized access.
It is not a good idea to pass username and password as un-encrypted text via http.

Make up your mind if you require asynchonous or synchronous web services. I the asynchronous case, you might issue several parallel web service requests. Synchronous requests have a blocking mechanism. This might block your whole application, if you don't take care.

The final issue I'd like to mention is session handling. Whenever a series of related web service requests forms a "session", there must be some mechanism to establish the reference between the calls and the session state variables (aka "container"). Typically, a session ID is used as key. But special care is needed to protect this mechanism against errors. Sessions might be aborted. So some housekeeping is needed as well.

Web services are no rocket science. But it takes some research to get to know the details.



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