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Tuesday, November 25th 2008, 5:13am

NEWS: Jabaco Autoupdate

I'll descripe the auto update mechanism of Jabaco to make it more transparent for you:

On every start of Jabaco it asks the for a newer version. You'll get a message if there is a newer software-, or framework-version avail. Whatever you do with this message - it should be shown only one time. Select 'Update Jabaco' in the help-menu to force an update manually. Some updates are not included in the start-check (e.g. smaller framewok-changes). The auto-update versions are marked with a flag at the download-page. If there is no flag you could retrieve the updates by selecting the 'Update Jabaco'-menu, or through

Disable the check on start-up:

You could disable the check on the system-start by modifying the "Jabaco.xml" in your installation-path. Change this line "<Param Name="CheckVersion" Value="true"/>" in the Jabaco-section.

Transmitted informations:

Only update-relevant informations are transmitted (uncrypted, so you are able to check that with Wireshark)
  • Your License-Key - to remember that you are informed
  • Your Jabaco-Version - to check for software-updates
  • Your Framework-Version - to check for framework-updates
  • Your Java-Version - maybe in future i have to differ the Java-version (e.g. for generics)
  • Your OS-Version - maybe in future i have to differ the operating systems (e.g. for 64 bit)
  • Your selected language - to preselect your update-language
  • Your resolution - maybe usefull in future
  • An unique ID - to identify the message
Trouble shooting:

If you disabled the version-check on your start-up you'll maybe get the message "Your Framework is write-protected" by selecting the 'Update Jabaco'-Menu. You should try to start the update directly after your start-up.

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